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Welcome to Baptist AdWorks, the pay-per-click network for distinctively Christian content channels.


You have a web site and would like to make some money from it to support it and you. The problem is, those other ad networks show so many ads that are not appropriate for your audience that it's often not worth the effort to continually monitor the ads they are feeding to your web site.

We have the solution! Baptist AdWorks is a distinctively Baptist pay-per-click ad network that can supply you with ads appropriate for your Christian audience. You won't have to worry about ads for adult items, web sites related to immoral lifestyles and activity, or blatant doctrinal error. Finally, you can go to sleep at night without worrying about whether or not an ad for a casino or XXX web site is being featured on one of your web pages.

Through Baptist AdWorks, you can also earn commissions when you refer other publishers and advertisers to the network.

All ads submitted through the Baptist AdWorks network are reviewed individually by real humans.

It is free to join, and you earn money whenever someone clicks an ad on your website.

We currently only accept english-language web sites based in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia in our network.


Are you looking to reach a Christian, family-values audience?

We have the solution! Place your ads through our content network, and you will be reaching your market in what we believe is one of the most effective manners possible. And, you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. We feature a low initial minimum deposit of $10 and low 5-cent minimum bid to allow virtually anyone to begin promoting their web site, services, or products using our network.

Question:"Am I a Publisher or an Advertiser?" Well, you might be both! If you own a web site and want to make some money by putting appropriate ads on it, then you are a Publisher. If you have a web site that you want to promote on other web sites, then you are an Advertiser. If you want ads on your site, you would create a "publisher" account. If you want to put ads on other web sites, then you would create an "advertiser" account. You may open accounts of both types.

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